Count Me In

I’ve talked about how little progress I’ve made in the plans that I had for myself when I moved back home. There is one area, however, where I have made quite a significant amount of progress.. The best part is, it is the most important. I have known for a long time that I am called into ministry. In 2015, I was about to finish my Bible School course and I was really struggling to find peace at work. So, after a lot of wrestling, I decided to quit my job. I gave my boss the reason that I felt it was time that I went into ministry. I admitted that I didn’t know exactly what that looked like but that I knew it involved writing and ministering to young people, especially girls, in Kenya.

I write this because I assume that to her, it appeared that I may have been planning to move to Kenya pretty soon after that. While I didn’t do so then, and wasn’t exactly sure what my next steps were, the last six months have proved that what I told her about my calling was true.

Count Me In is a non-profit that was started in 2008 by Chris and Amber White. I first heard about them in 2011 when my brothers went to the CMI Youth Camp. I was unable to attend because I was watching my sister’s kids while she was working at the Coast. A few months later, I moved away so I wasn’t able to get involved with Count Me In directly. However, my brother Mwaniki started volunteering with CMI Kenya and I got to meet and get close to a lot the members of this team over the years.

When I got back, I attended a meeting and knew that I definitely wanted to get more actively involved with Count Me In as part of their ministry. Besides the annual camp that’s held every August, CMI Kenya also does Prison and High School Missions throughout the year. I’m really excited to share more about the experiences I’ve had with CMI in the time that I’ve been here. There’s a lot to share o I will be doing so in a series of posts running over the course of this week. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Count Me In

  1. Awesome piece there. Count me in is ministry to be part of and especially if you the zeal to reach to the young people With the gospel of God. Glory to God

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