CMI: School Is In Session

On the day I landed in Nairobi, (February 1, 2018) my brother Mwaniki picked me up at 9 AM. On our way, he mentioned that there was a mission trip to my former high school that afternoon. I was really tired from my journey but, to avoid jet lag, I was happy to have an activity that would keep me occupied until evening.

I’d never been to a high school mission before, but I had been to a CU service when I was in school myself so I thought I had a rough idea of what to expect. The first thing I noticed was how young/small the students looked. I tend to think of my high school years as ‘just the other day’ but I got to see just how long it’s been.

At the start of the service, our team all came to the front to say hi to the students. I felt like, for the first time, I was where I had always been meant to be. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I was there. I felt such an overwhelming love for all the students who were there and for the entire ministry team. I’ve been to several other school CU services since and every time, I feel the same way.

Some of the High School Missions that we do are three day weekend challenges. I was part of a team that went on a weekend challenge to a girls’ school in Nakuru. Seeing the students and getting to interact with them on a personal level was so amazing. I was surprised by the number of girls who would seek me out when we had breaks and pour their hearts out to me. I was also surprised to hear some of the things that young people are dealing with in their lives.

Several people I’ve spoken to about my move back haven’t understood how I could be serious about staying here. A lot of times, their sentiments seem so valid and cause me to question myself. But when I’m out in the field, talking to young girls and boys who just need someone to love them and listen to them, I know there is nowhere else I’d rather be, no comfort I wouldn’t give up just to be there and share Christ and witness His love and grace in action.

I thank God everyday that He has given me a chance to be part of the great work that He is doing among the youth of this country. I’m extremely grateful to be a part of Count Me In, with the mission to empower this generation.


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