Goo…d Morning!! Today is an awesome day. It’s especially special because it’s my big bro’s birthday. Special shout to you my dearest brother Mwaniki Mbuthia.

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything on here, but just incase y’all were wondering, yes, am still alive.

When a baby is born, they can’t walk. Well, there’s many other things they can’t do either like talk, eat… etc.  But we’re going to focus on the walking part. Ok, so they can’t walk. They can hardly even stand. It takes months of nourishment from mother’s milk and sunlight to strengthen the bones enough for them to stand. Then it takes the mind another several months to co-ordinate the body movements for them to use their legs in conjunction with their sight to move from point A to B and on to point Z. Before they can actually walk, most babies crawl. It’s the normal thing, though some babies tend to skip that part. others crawl for way longer than they’re expected to because they’re afraid to fall. But once they’re on their feet and take that first step, they never go back to their knees again, even if they fall. They get back up and keep walking.

The same thing happens when you get born again. Before you can stand, you need nourishment from The Father’s Word  and constant exposure to The Son. Finally you can crawl. Just like the babies, some of us skip the crawling part. I am one of those people.

Like I shared in The Beginning , I accepted Christ at a very early age and being a preacher’s kid I had more than enough nourishment and exposure so I guess I skipped the crawling part and went straight to walking. By the time I was in upper primary, I was running.

See the problem with running is that you can trip. Well, you can trip when you’re walking too but with running there’s a higher likelihood and a harder fall. That’s what happened with me. Somewhere between 2003 and 2005 I fell and I think I broke my legs because in 2005 I realised I was hardly standing. So I rededicated my life to Christ and began my journey afresh.  And this time I didn’t skip the crawling part. So now I’m walking again and I’m in no hurry to run. Just walking with Christ, hand in hand.

Like Paul said “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 3: 14) This journey, it’s like a race. The difference is, winning isn’t arriving first, it’s just arriving. Finishing the race. That’s why am not going to run, I’ll just keep walking until I get there. But I’ll always remember that first, I had to crawl.

Special dedication to those not yet born again :  Birthday by BMF

And with that I’m out #keepbelieving #heavenbound.


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