Trizah and I

Have you ever found yourself among people with whom you just don’t fit in? The differences are so evident that no matter how you try to find common ground, it just doesn’t work. Then there comes along just one more person, you lock eyes and in a moment, you get an unmistakable sense of familiarity and understanding. That’s what happened when I first met Trizah.

I had had some issues when I was in Form Three and had to change schools in my last year of High School. Very rarely do schools accept new students who are in there last year of High School, so I didn’t have many options. And, it’s not easy making friends when you the new kid and friendships have already been established. I did make a few great friends at this new school though, and one of them is Trizah. The first time we really bonded was when we were sent away from school to go and buy new mugs for the teacher’s lounge. We had somehow gotten caught up in a situation where students went to the teachers lounge to have tea (unsupervised)and a mug or wo ended up breaking. I may be a bit off on the details, but you’ll forgive me. This happened over ten years ago so…

Anyway, since we tended to be the odd ones out in most situations, the other people involved threw us and our friend Howie under the bus. Our punishment was to leave school in the middle of the day, head into town to buy a new mug each and bring it back. I’m sure you can guess how much fun an excursion like this would be for three teenagers. I don’t even know how it could be justified as punishment.

It’s difficult to sum up a ten-year (and counting) friendship in on blog post so I’ll give you the summarized version. We have been through, literally, everything together. Through our friendship I became part of her family and she became part of mine. I guess it’s safe to say we became sisters. We have had ups and downs, as any friendship would, but in the end the love we have for each other always shines through.

Again, there are many things that can be said about Trizah. She is one of the strongest people I know. I can’t tell you the number of times I’d visit her house and find that she had single handedly rearranged all the furniture just because she wanted a change. But I’m not talking only about physical strength, Trizah is the type of person who will always have a smile on her face even when she Is going through the worst pain. However, the one characteristic that stands out to me about Trizah is how fiercely she loves. Trizah loves people so honestly and selflessly, and you see it in how people reciprocate that love.

I’m thinking of too many things that I want to tell you about her, but I’m really sleepy right now and I’m afraid it might turn into gibberish. So, I will end this here and hopefully I will have another opportunity to tell you more about this darling sister of mine. I know we have many more years ahead of us, and I’m so looking forward to them.


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