I Failed… But, I’m Trying Again

On my last post here, I announced my move to Kenya and promised to make this blog more regular with a new post once or twice a week. Well, it’s been  exactly twenty six weeks since then, and this is the first time I’m sharing anything. I believe that can be called a certified fail. But, in the words of legendary 90s singer Aaliyah: “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”, so here we are.

When I moved back, I sat down, took out a notebook and a pen and wrote out my ‘2018 Action Plan’. It was an ambitious set of plans but not unrealistic, and definitely not impossible. The truth is, I didn’t even look at that plan until just a few weeks ago when I was at a Leadership Training Camp. I will share more about my life-changing experience at the camp in an upcoming post. (Stay tuned).

One of the reasons I haven’t followed up very well on my goals is facing unexpected setbacks. In life, whatever plans we make don’t depend on just us. There are so many other factors involved that we do not have control over. As an adult, the thing to do when faced with setbacks is to keep your eye on the goal and adjust accordingly as you go along. This is where I failed; I took my eye off the goal.

The goal is back in focus now, maybe even a bit more clearly. Since I have so much writing to catch up on, I am starting another writing challenge, and how fitting that tomorrow (as I’m writing this) happens to be the First of September. Last December I did a 31-Day writing challenge and it was brutal, so I’m sufficiently afraid. But, I made it through that and I’m committed to getting off my lazy behind and making this work. Starting tomorrow, you should expect to see a new post on the blog every day for 30 days.



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