Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas everyone! So, my “Christmas Spirit” finally kicked in on Christmas Day. I guess I might have to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas this year, since one day is simply not enough. Speaking of, today I just want to mention a few things about Christmas Traditions. If you read my post , “Of Traditions And Religion”, you know how I feel about doing my research on some traditions associated with big holidays. In that post, I talked about some Easter traditions and how my research on them led me to stop celebrating the holiday all together.

Well, there are so many traditions associated with Christmas that I haven’t been able to do all the research yet. However, I did want to mention that I don’t intend to stop celebrating Christmas. The main reason being that I believe it to be the most significant Christian celebration there is. I mean, even the angels celebrated the birth of Jesus.

One thing I have realized this holiday season, is the importance of having some traditions. Especially when it comes to family. I mentioned previously that my family growing up wasn’t too keen on Christmas Presents. We also never had a Christmas Tree, nor did we decorate our house for Christmas. I believe that this are traditions that are quite irrelevant to the story and on doing some research, I’ve found that they also have some questionable ties to pagan beliefs.

One tradition we did observe, was that we would always have some kind of family dinner at Christmas. As the family has grown and people have moved around and have different responsibilities, we haven’t been able to keep this going. But, this is something that I would like to keep with me as I look forward to having a family of my own.


One thought on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Actually, there was a time we used to put up a tree and decorate the house
    But I suppose that was probably before u were born or when you were too young to remember
    I’ll find pictures

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