Let he who is without sin…

Two weeks ago I started to write something to post on my blog but was unable to finish. I started something else last week but had the same result. I like happy endings. That’s why in my writing I like to always have a happy/ hopeful ending. Unfortunately, I have not been able to see any happy endings to the issues that I have been thinking about lately. I’m still struggling with writing today but I’ll do my best to arrive at some sort of ending (hopeful or otherwise).

Within the last couple of weeks people in my country (Kenya) have been in an uproar about some heinous incidences of women being violently undressed by mobs of men in public. Then there was a video going around of a small child being maliciously abused by a nanny in Uganda.

These stories (among others) have caused me to think very critically about the human condition. All over the world, everyday, we hear stories of crazy things that our fellow humans are doing. Every day they seem to get crazier. Just when you thought someone had done the worst thing ever, someone else comes along and “one-ups” them. It’s like humanity is gradually losing their humanity.

I’ve found myself wondering what I would/ should do if I were in a position to “pass judgment” on some of the perpetrators of these crimes. Here is what I found.

John 8:1-11 tells a story of an adulterous woman who was caught in the act. Jewish law explicitly stated that her punishment was to be a public stoning to death. The Scribes and Pharisees saw this as an opportunity for their ulterior motives against Jesus and so they brought her to Him. There was no question that this woman was a sinner; she was caught in the act. There was also no question that, according to the law, she should have been stoned. But Jesus turned the whole situation around. He “helped” the Scribes and Pharisees to see that they were in no real position to pass judgment on this woman based on their own shortcomings.

Thinking about it now, I probably would have been among the people who condemned this woman. Just like I have, time and time again, condemned people for the sins they commit. As a human being of “good” moral standing, it is easy for me to see myself as righteous enough to seek justice against those who are not of good moral standing. It is painfully clear that the world needs to change. That people who get away with acts of violence need to be stopped. The justice system is failing miserably at taming this beast called violence. It seems like every time you cut off one head, two more grow in its place.

So how can we make a real difference? What can be done that will actually influence people to care for each other more and stop violence? Looking at the story of the adulterous woman, when Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” He was the only one in the crowd who was without sin. By His standards, He had the right to condemn this woman. But He chose not to condemn her. At the end of it He said to her, “Go and sin no more”. I don’t believe this woman is mentioned again in scripture, but I would like to believe that she did not stay an adulterous woman. By choosing not to condemn her, Jesus not only stopped an act of violence, but He also caused this woman’s heart (And even the hearts of those who had come to stone her) to change for the better.

Today I take on the challenge to make a real difference in the world. Not by passing judgment or condemning, but by having Christ’s outlook. As a sinner, I have no right to condemn any man for his sins, and as a Christian (Christ-like), I have the obligation to choose not to condemn any man. I’d like to share this challenge with my fellow Christians. Let us not get caught up in this world’s justice mentality. Let us make the conscious choice not to condemn but rather let us share Christ’s mentality. I believe that the only way to restore the humanity we are gradually losing is to point the human race back to our creator, one soul at a time.

If you are reading this and you are not a Christian, please hear this; Jesus loves you. Just like the adulterous woman, He chooses not to condemn you, no matter what you’ve done. He is the fairest judge anyone could ask for.

Please share your views and comments with me, and also share my views with your friends. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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