This morning I woke up praying. Yes, I literally woke up in the middle of a prayer and I just kept going. And it was just beautiful.

See, I was dreaming that I was at a family gathering with some of my cousins and all my siblings. I was happily chewing on a chicken drumstick when my cousin Eddy asked me to pray for my brother.
It was a little weird because we were all mid-conversation and were still eating.
Everyone sort of paused and looked at Him inquisitively. I asked, “what, right now?” , suggestively looking at the drumstick in my hand.
He didn’t bother explaining himself,
he just said, “yes, now.” With an expression that clearly said my drumstick was of no consequence.
My brother intervened and decided to share with us what he had been going through.

He had lost his job and had been looking for a job for a long time. He shared that I had spoken to him sometime about the issue.
I had been out of a job for sometime myself and as I searched and prayed, nothing seemed to be happening. A few months down the road I suddenly got the call I’d been waiting for. And then I got three other calls that I really hadn’t been waiting for. It was very interesting to me.
I had spoken to my Pastor about it and he had told me that, all the job offers coming at the same time was a way of God telling me that it wasn’t really about the job. God could give me any job I wanted any time I wanted but there’s always a bigger picture.
This was the knowledge I shared with my brother. Apparently I had told him to stop praying for a job and start praying for God to reveal the big picture. As soon as he did this he got a very good job.
Ok, I know you’re probably lost now, I almost lost myself for a moment.
Note, I am still dreaming. Ok, let’s continue.
So everyone was happy to hear that my brother finally had a job. I’d finished my drumstick and was ready to pray. As I started praying in the dream I woke up, realized I had been dreaming and kept going. That was my morning.

There are two morals to this story.
First, I need to share this with my brother since he still doesn’t have a job. I’m willing to bet that if we start praying about the “bigger picture”, whatever it may be, a good job will soon come.
Second, there is a time for everything and God is with us all the time.
Often times we lay awake at night worrying and stressing about the things that we’re going through. Hoping and praying that God will speak to us somehow at give us a sign.
Here’s what I’ve learnt today, when it’s time to sleep, go to sleep. God will speak to you at the right time, whatever time it is, even when you’re sleeping. And you won’t even have to wake up.


3 thoughts on “Always

  1. dope article, challenged… we always need that reminder. The big picture is bigger than the tiny tudetails we always concentrate on. for instance… when in a forest, we can might choose to be concerned with tiny details like, how crooked the branches are, the broken branches, or even how the trees have grown without following a certain pattern (that we think it shoulda… lol) only if we viewed the same Forrest from an aerial view, we would marvel at the beauty, how well the trees are arranged etc. this served as a reminder to me 🙂

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