My #OneWord365 – Joy

I started writing a new post last year, 12th December, but I couldn’t finish. I’ve come back and picked at it a few times but I feel like my inspiration is lost. Last night while I was praying before I went to sleep, I resolved to finish that post today, “Come what may”, so I woke up and started up my laptop ready to get typing. But then I came across this post on twitter and I have one word for it “Inspiration”.

As the new year begun and there was talk of resolutions and what not, one word kept coming to mind. The one thing that I would like to keep forefront on my mind as I go about my daily business. I’ve written 2 notes on Facebook titled, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and “The pursuit of happiness… continued (JOY)

I recently relocated from Kenya to the US so his particular new year marks alot of new beginnings. You could say I’m starting a whole new life. So when I think about the one thing that I want to keep in mind, I can only think of Joy. As I mentioned in one of the notes, joy is a fruit of The Spirit and it comes by abiding in The Vine, Christ (John 15). Also, the joy of the Lord is my strength, as in Nehemiah 8:10. So this year My Word is Joy. It will remind me to abide in Christ’s love that I may find strength in Him.

What’s your word?


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