New kid on the blog

Today is a beautiful day. I’m tempted to say I woke up on the right side of the bed but it wouldn’t make sense coz my bed is next to the wall and there’s only one side to wake up from. Oh, and its the left side.

Anyhu… It’s my first day as a blogger and an EXCITEEE….D!!! Todaymarks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. See, I’ve always had a passion for writing, it’s how I deal with issues that bug me. So I finally decided to share what few insights I may have with the world.

Life is a journey. I know many of us believe this but we tend to differ on our opinion about where we’re going. I believe that life is a journey to heaven. We’re on earth temporarily, getting prepared (by God) for an eternal life in heaven. This blog is simply about my life (my journey to heaven).  I welcome all of you to walk with me through this journey.

Stay tuned and be blessed.


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